Pavol Bizoň (1986, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Music composer Mgr.Art Pavol Bizoň is applying himself to composition, arrangement and interpretation of different music styles: chamber and orchestral music, scenic music, short movie music, glee (choir music), rock, songs, experimental, alternative and other music. He writes lyrics also.
He was born in Bratislava, Slovakia on February 20, 1986.
Since he was 12 (1998-2005) private lessons of composition under composer and professor at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (VŠMU) - Juraj Hatrík.
2005-2010 he studied composition under professor Vladimír Bokes` direction at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava (Faculty of Music and Dance).
In 2007 he took part in 16-th International workshop for composers in German Schloss Trebnitz under professor Dieter Macko`s leadership.
In 2009 he took part in 5th biennial international contemporary music festival and composer workshop Ostrava Days 2009 in Czech Republic.
In his pieces we observe different musical styles to be overlapping and the usage of different composition techniques. His creation is like inner feelings expressed by music.
Pavol himself is the leader of his own rock band for which he composes music and writes lyrics.
He plays keyboard instruments, acustic and electric guitar and he sings as well.
He is winner and laureate of Slovak composer competition Talent 2002. He wrote the music and lyrics of "Maybe I am All Right" ("Možno mi je fajn"), the winning song in the Košice Golden Treasure 2008 competition organised by the Slovak broadcasting company.
Discography: DVD "Concert for photographs 2007" (AZYL, Slovakia, 2008)
CD "Dieťa a čaro hudby" (H Plus, Slovakia, 2010)
From the concerts:
PAVOL BIZOŇ - ROCK & CLASSIC (November 2004) - author concert with the premiere of suite with 21 rock and classical music compositions - 75 minutes. Programm guest: Pavol Hammel (Slovak legendary songster and rocker).
EUGEN SUCHOŇ - PAVOL BIZOŇ (September 2008) - Honouring the Slovak composer Eugen Suchoň on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth in compositions of the young author Pavol Bizoň. Concert was belonging of all-Slovak project with support of The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.